Earn and Travel the World! Goodbye to Wasted Space!

Need to send something?

Kiilo can provide you with a convenient, affordable, and cost-efficient solution to send your packages across different countries without traveling.

Traveling somewhere?

Kiilo is a new peer-to-peer service that lets you earn from your unused baggage space while traveling
Kiilo - Luggage

How does it work?

Extra Baggage Space = Earnings

In the new “sharing economy” this service is a unique way to take make use of extra luggage space, providing delivery service to people all around the world and a great opportunity for travelers to make some income on the side.

As a Traveller, here's what you can do


Choose a global destination and post your travel dates


Select items from senders who need items sent to your destination


Simply place the items in your baggage or hand carry


Get paid immediately after the items are accepted

Shop, Drop, Deliver
Shop to your heart's content and have your items delivered on time while costing less
Earn while you Travel
Enjoy your vacations while earning at the same time from your excess baggage allocation
Making the World Accessible
Enjoy what each country has to offer, without leaving the comfort of your seat
Frequent Flyer, Frequent Earner
The more you fly, the more you earn!
Anytime, Anywhere
Enjoy hassle free deliveries anytime & anywhere

Why choose Kiilo?

Easy to use

Customer satisfaction for both travellers acting as couriers and customers acting as senders/receivers. Kiilo Travellers will be able to post their flight schedules and amount of extra baggage space for Senders to pick from. Kiilo Travellers are instantly credited once the Sender verifies the transaction has been completed.


Packages sent through Kiilo will be insured against loss and damage. Travellers will also feel secure knowing that they have the ability to choose which packages to accept and verify. Senders will also be secured by knowing that our Kiilo Travelers are verified and scrutinized thoroughly before being approved.

Clever Features

Senders will have the ability to purchase items and send them to locations not covered by ordinary shipping methods. Travellers will be earning from extra baggage space which usually goes to waste. Payments and Payouts are completely electronic and automated. A wallet feature allows all Kiilo users to be able to transact securely within our platform.

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